A Firebase alternative that grows with you

At a particular scale, lots of developers and companies that started with Firebase realize two significant issues.

First, their codebase is highly coupled with Firebase’s concepts that they are vendor locked-in.

Second, the pricing increase exponentially, not linearly.

The initial goal of StaticBackend was to propose linear scaling options and make sure it’s realistic to change mind to not use the platform for any reason at any point.

A solution that grows with you

We offer three options to run your product on our backend. Managed services with transparent and predictable pricing plans. Self-hosted, where you can handle your installation of the backend and opt-in to get updates. Lastly, the source code if you want complete control over your backend.

We’re using industry standards for all your interaction with our backend. It means that you could have a drop replacement version of your backend should you decide to stop using ours. As long as you take the same routes, you could keep your entire frontend code.

At any time, you may export your entire database. Your export includes users' emails and passwords. We’re using Bcrypt for hashing passwords. If you use the same, you’ll be able to handle sign-in on your implementation. You’re not locked-in in here. We want to keep our customers for the right reasons.

Getting support

We’re smaller. Hence we care a lot more about our customers. We’re reachable; we’re happy to help in any way we can.

Firebase’s support is undoubtedly harder to get. Try contacting us. We’re just there.

Querying your data

Our query engine is 10x superior to Firebase. You can create complex queries with any fields and use any fields for sorting. You may mix operators and use and and or at your will.

This is highly limited in Firebase.

One aspect we’re not covering yet is real-time data notification. This is a feature we’re currently on.

Firebase has lots of features that we’re not offering. Site hosting, AI, analytics, etc. We’re comparing the idea of using Firebase as a backend for a typical web application.

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