Pricing for managed services

Pricing that grows with you.

All prices are billed monthly. All plans include all features, unlimited users, and reasonable API and bandwidth usage. WS connections stands for concurrent WebSocket connections.

For pre-revenue & early stage products


12k documents

50 WS connections

5 GB file storage

1 MB max file size


50k documents

150 WS connections

20 GB file storage

5 MB max file size


200k documents

500 WS connections

50 GB file storage

15 MB max file size


500k documents

1k WS connections

75 GB file storage

15 MB max file size

For product/market fit products


1.5m documents

5k WS connections

100 GB file storage

25 MB max file size


3m documents

10k WS connections

150 GB file storage

25 MB max file size


5m documents

20k WS connections

200 GB file storage

25 MB max file size


10m documents

50k WS connections

250 GB file storage

25 MB max file size

Need more?

We recommend investigating the fact of self-hosting at this point. Note that we can offer you a custom plan as well if you'd like to continue using our managed services, please contact us for information.

What's a document?

We're using a document database. It means that you store documents as JSON objects instead of rows of data like in a relational database system.

The best way to model your data is to have documents match what your UI needs to display.

What are reasonable limits?

We currently don't enforce a hard bandwidth limit. We can decline a good rule of thumb from the number of documents in the plan. For instance, 12k documents would give roughly 1 gigabyte of bandwidth per month.

The API calls are throttled per user. A user cannot perform more than 25 API calls in 60 seconds.

What if we exceed the document limit.

You'll receive an automated email at 90% of your capacity to prepare for upgrading your plan or clean up some documents. If you exceed your limit, we'll contact you to find the right option for you.

Your users are never impacted. Your account can continue to write and read documents while you upgrade.

You cannot exceed WebSocket connections

We are having a hard limit on WebSocket connections. You cannot exceed the maximum of concurrent connection your plan allow. You'll receive an HTTP error if you try to connect and your connection pool is full.

We recommend you maintain an internal count inside your application so you may notify yourself if you're often approaching your maximum connection.

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