Focus Centric

Pre-order: Build a SaaS app in Go

Please understand that you're buying an extremely early version of the book and source code. I don't have any expected date when the complete book will be done. I will release frequent updates as chapters are added and modified.
  • Chapter 1: Let's Go
  • Chapter 2: A 100 lines web engine
  • Chapter 3: Tests are important
  • Chapter 4: The famous data package (PostgreSQL and MongoDB)
  • Chapter 6: Authentication, authorization & middleware
  • Chapter 7: API throttling, limits
  • Chapter 8: Billing and Subscriptions
  • Chapter 9: Email & background tasks
After the payment you'll receive an email containing a direct link to a zip file containing the book PDF and the source code.

$23 for the Book + Source code

This is a pre-order price. I've not decided what will be the price of the book and source code yet, but it will be > $30.

Price increases at each chapter addition.

Or via Paypal

Thank you very much!