Case Study - Acquisition of our oldest client

Completing a successful acquisition is a challenging task. We've acted as Profil Credit's CTO during the two years it took to complete this acquisition by Equifax.

Profil Credit / Equifax
IT department impartition / CTO


Before Dominic St-Pierre started Focus Centric in 2007, he was an employee at Profil Credit since 2001. Profil Credit became our first client, and we've been handling their software and infrastructure needs since.

Preparing and surviving an acquisition from a sizeable organization such as Equifax is difficult for a small 25-employee company such as Profil Credit.

Profil Credit was a data company with many software systems and automated processes. We've acted as the CTO and were first-class critical facilitators in this acquisition.

Are you planning to sell your company? Consider the efforts your entire company will need to deploy to complete your acquisition. We can help you navigate those troubled waters.

What we did

  • Handled everything IT/data/security
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Post-acquisition support

Dominic has worked for Profile Credit for over 20 years.


His biggest strength for us was the fact he knew as much about the business side (products) than the IT, Security and Database sides.


In the year prior of selling the company to Equifax, a Fortune 500 company, he was THE main resource to answer all the Security, IT, database issues.


I recommend Dominic to any organization that require the full package!

Jean Gauthier CPA
Former President and owner of Profil Credit Inc.
Credit profiles transferred
Years of work

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