Case Study - Paperless processes

Profil Credit and the Food Industry Credit Bureau provide credit reports and risk analysis tools to the entire Canadian food industry companies.

The food industry credit bureau
System processes / automation


Our business relationship goes as far as January 2001 with Profil Credit. Since 2004, there has been an internal project named "Work at Home 2004," but it never happened. The company is a credit bureau with many manual processes involving paper forms requiring signatures that are transmitted back and forth with banks.

In March 2020, when the pendemic hit, employees needed to work from home; hence, all manual processes must be converted to paperless and fully automated via background operations and web applications.

We started by replacing all manual fax operations. The company already used Slack as its primary communication platform, so we leveraged it with fax issues sent directly to the document's owner. It increased the time to receive credit data from banks and other sources so clients would receive their credit reports faster.

Another significant change was adding an automatic document dispatcher, removing the need to require a human to dispatch documents. We've added document management to the existing back office system we built in 2010, allowing remote employees complete control over documents without being onsite.

What we did

  • Document management (Go)
  • OCR / dispatching
  • Infrastructure

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Rosanna Commisso
The Food Industry Credit Bureau
Inbound/outbound faxes per month
Automatic document dispatch
Saved per day / employee

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